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Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

A fleet of pedestrian operated tower cranes

We operate a fleet of three Cattaneo CM90S4 pedestrian operated tower cranes. When rigged in standard configuration they offer a 41m radius with 25m under the hook and a lift capacity of 1000kg at 41m increasing to 3000kg at 16m.

Self-erecting tower crane

Differing boom lengths can be configured to accommodate obstacles in excess of 25m height and overfly exclusion zones

These self-erecting tower cranes (SETC's) can be rigged, tested, certified and operational within 6 hours of delivery to site and requiring a crane pad of only six meters by six meters they don't waste valuable site space.

Self-erecting tower crane

One of the great advantages of this type of crane is that very often the operator can be very close to the hook up point and the landing point and will not require a slinger signaller in attendance as with traditional truck mounted cranes.

As a minimum, these cranes require a 3-phase power supply equivalent to a 40KvA generator. We can supply generators with the SETC complete with double skinned fuel cubes should the client require one.

Self-erecting tower crane

Our self-erecting tower cranes have worked all over the UK from Bridgend in Wales and Hatfield in Hertfordshire to Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness, generally on a self-drive basis but we can supply CPCS carded operators if required.

Self-erecting tower crane

Key benefits of using a self-erecting tower crane

  • » Quiet operations
  • » Increase site safety by reducing site traffic
  • » Negates the need for a telehandler resulting in less ground damage and a safer site
  • » Jib lengths of 28m, 36m and 41m
  • » Under hook height of 25m or 30.8m on a luffed jib
  • » Pedestrian operated so no requirements for a full-time cab operator
  • » Use 3-phase electricity or supply form a generator
  • » Fast and economical to install on site
  • » Reliable and operator friendly

To enquire about booking a self-erecting tower crane contact the office on 01896 849 711 or Willie Rodger on mobile 07971 882 145 or Ross Carruthers on mobile 07812 410 835.


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